Rules & Regulations

01.)Must have government state issued driver license

02.)Must have own automobile

03.)Must be 100% Drug Free

03.)Must have clean criminal record

04.)Must be 100% disease free

05.)Must not have any mental health issues

06.)No one is allowed to bring their relatives, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives with them to bookings &

07.)If any of out employees choose to engage in any sexual conduct while out on our bookings with our customers do so on their own behalf or free will of personal choice. We do not encourage any of our employees to engage in any type of sexual misconduct for exchange of money. We provide bookings for our customers with no sex included.

08.)Respect all of our employees & customers with respect.

09.)No outfit are giving out free to our employees. They have to purchase or clothing line & merchandise just like our customers do.

10.)All of our employees must have a professional manor while out on bookings. We do not tolerate employees using fowl language toward our customers or fellow employees.